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Tom pouring a Steady Rolling Man by DEYA Brewing Company at Muted Horn, a craft beer bar in Berlin Neukölln

Muted Horn

You would be forgiven for walking past Muted Horn without giving it a second glance – except for the pink neon sign over the door, there is little indication of the craft beer idyll hidden behind an unassuming brick and glass facade next to a Penny supermarket. Jenia Semenova and Corbin Crnkovic brought their enthusiasm and […]

Stone Brewing Berlin, the European headquarters of the US craft brewer in the former Marienfedorf gasworks

Stone Brewing Berlin

Stone Brewing Berlin, the US craft brewer’s first European outpost, is a brewery, restaurant and beer garden on the site of the former Mariendorf gasworks. The red brick colossus of the 3,200 square metre main hall of Stone Brewing Berlin is home to the brewery, main bar, restaurant, merchandise shop and library bar. The brewery […]