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Omnipollo Hamburg: New Bar Announcement

Omnipollo Hamburg Logo

Omnipollo caused quite a stir on their social media channels last week with the announcement that they will be opening their first bar outside Sweden in Hamburg. This is great news for fans of the Swedish gypsy brewers with a reputation for brewing outstanding beers, including some weird and whacky creations.

Omnipollo has so far been vague on the details and pretty cagey with their answers to the two biggest questions being asked: Where? and When?

They’ve avoided the first question of where but after a bit of digging I’m pretty sure I can reveal the location – Kampstraße 36. The address was previously home to Henry’s Frühsückstube on a street between the Flohschanze flea market and Altes Mädchen. A solid pick for a craft beer bar given that Beyond Beer and Galopper des Jahres are also in the Sternschanze.

As for when, all Omnipollo has said so far is, “aiming for opening in the next few months” but opening a bar in Germany is notoriously slow going given the burdens of German bureaucracy. There is no indication of how far along the process is so it may be a while yet before the Omnipollo Hamburg bar serves its first customers. To keep up to date with progress on the new bar and to find out when it will open, I suggest liking the Omnipollo Hamburg Facebook page and/or following their Instagram account.

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