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Final Pulse – Beer of the Week: WK 15 2019

Final Pulse - a 6.8% IPA from Wylam Brewery

Final Pulse is a 6.8% IPA from Wylam Brewery.

There were plenty of contenders for beer of the week this time around. I took delivery of my first order from Beyond Beer, which had beers from two of my favourite UK breweries – Left Handed Giant and Wylam – in it; and I got three cans from another of the UK’s leading lights, Northern Monk, and from their Patrons Project no less, from Biererei.

So I got to drink a fair few corkers but despite this tough competition, Final Pulse from Wylam was the highlight.

Ever since my first encounter with Wylam at a tap takeover at Biererei Bar last April I’ve snapped up any of their beers I can find.

Wylam consistently delivers, especially when it comes to full-bodied juicy New England IPAs like Final Pulse. It is an absolute explosion of tropical fruit goodness carried on a soft pillow of oat and wheat with just the right level of bitterness. My heart didn’t stop but it may well have skipped a beat.


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